R16: Motion Tracker doesn't solve whole footage.



I made a PNG sequence of a ‘‘tour’’ in Google Earth Pro and want to add 3D objects to this scene. After I imported the sequence in motion tracker and did a ‘‘3D solve’’, it only solved frame 409 to 802 (total 1095 frames). I also tried to make the png sequence into a .mov file, but same problem.

Can someone help me? Thanks!



partial solves happen because the 2D tracks aren’t good enough for the whole clip. Frequently there is a blurry section with lots of camera shake that isn’t accurately tracked. the 3D solver relies on parallax to get good 3d solves, so if the camera isn’t moving much or just rotating on the tripod head the solve most likely won’t be good. I have never got really good solves from the auto tracking in cinema. For an important shot I use manual tracking of features that I select and run the 3D solve from that.