R15 Render Speed


Thought I’d put up a few real world tests to show the new Embree stuff.

R14: 8:23
R15: 5:59


*note, the grain was added in photoshop


R14: 4:21
R15: 3:49



R14: 4:06
R15: 3:38



Excellent, thanks for these.


In some cases you get a huge speed-up using Embree up to 300%. It’s the new default for the Physical Render. You can still choose between the old Physical raytracer and Embree though.

Physical (R14): 3:54
Embree (R15): 1:14


Some cool tests. It shows R15 is faster. :slight_smile:
Nice image Bobtronic

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


That’s pretty special


Cool. Faster is GOOD. Thanks for sharing


I’m curious as to any cases in where the old physical methods would be faster than embree. I mean if there is an option what is the option there for? do the results differ notably, as they don’t appear to, so are there cases where embree might strain compared to the old method, or limitations?


… and WTF does “embree” mean?


You have got to ask this on the intel forums :wink:
Btw. apparently this stuff is completely free, which i think is amazing :applause:. Did not expect that from a big company.


Interesting, thanks. Does this mean that it runs slower on AMD machines?


As long as the CPU supports SSE3 (which most AMD CPUs do) all is fine.



Embree is faster in most situations, but under certain conditions it can be slower. That and backwards compatibility are why the old methods were kept.

Edit: It needs SSE3, but that is a prerequsite for R15 anyway.


Everything runs slower on AMD machines. :hmm:


There are rare cases where the old method is faster than Embree. The main reason to keep the old method is its lower memory footprint. Scenes that push your RAM boundaries with the old method could run into problems with Embree.

There are three methods to choose from, Embree (Faster), Embree (Smaller) and Physical.
Physical has the lowest memory footprint, Embree (Smaller) up to 15-20% higher and Embree (Faster) up to 30% higher memory usage. The speed gain is well worth it though IMO.


The only scene Ive tested where the new method is slower is a basic unrealistic scene with nothing but material displacement maps. Realistically once a scene is textured and lit, embree overtakes it again.


Fantastic info Mathias, very good to know. I’ll say I agree, seeing as how I have 10GB per physical core I can’t imagine Embree fast being an issue. Good to know on really memory intensive scenes there’s an option that can see a notable memory savings

Does embree work on AMD systems?


It works on any system supporting SSE3, no matter if Intel or AMD (as there isn’t or hasn’t been any switch code in Cinema prefering any of the vendors).

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Okay, I was just wondering as embree is an intel technology if it was specially optimized with functions in their processors.