R15 Impressions


Well, it’s a bit premature to create a larger review… All I can say is that the new Animal installed without a hitch. I chose the Download manager install and went for dinner… when I came back almost 10GB had been downloaded (holy cow…). The Install went without complications. The new software started right away and I was looking for some nice R15 glamour scenes to try out the new goodness. But did not find any. I am actually confused about the goodies disk of almost 4GB which contains sounds and video. But no tutorials or scenes. I did not find a text regarding royalties or use either… Huh… I have to investigate tomorrow what that’s all about. On the install disk there is a directory with a few scenes. None of them making sense right now. I did not find a readme tying all this together. I guess it’s time for bed and a closer look at the new beast tomorrow.

More later!


Haven’t installed it yet, but is there anything new in the library browser? That’s where the usual example scenes are available.



Make sure that after installing that you upgrade to the latest version. Should be automatic with the on-line updater. There’s been a few bugs fixed.


I just started trying 15 out, Team Render really works. Just using defaults I took a 6:05 render down to 2:10 using a MacBook Pro with a MacPro as the client over a fairly mediocre wifi network. Maybe I’ll add the mini that I use for the TV next. Way cool!


I’ve found Embree to be about 30% quicker than the standard Physical render on my current project. Less noisy results too.

I always find it a little bit of anti-climax getting a Cinema upgrade because it takes a little time and work to find out what’s really useful. It’s usually after a couple of weeks I go ‘ah’…

And yeah, what’s with the audio files? :shrug:


I wish that maxon made it a bit easier to migrate all your layouts, settings, default objects, plugins etc. over when you upgrade.

Do any of you have any tips for streamlining this process?


Switching your layout is easy enough, just save it out via the usual route and open it in r15. I was always a little confused about how to get shortcuts across because I tried to do it via the c4d_shortcut.res files in the application folder. But it only works if you take across the shortcuttable.res folder in the library prefs (eg. the ones opened via edit/preferences/open preference folder) as well.

The rest is pretty straight forward, just drop over your library files and what not.


anybody have any info on any plugins that die under R15?

a couple weeks ago i got an update for SteadyBake and SteadyCam that were for R15, but not really seen any other emails about R15 versions

i’ve yet to try moving my plugin folder over - sure was a mess last year with R14 and those plugins that locked up C4D - hopefully nothing like that this year.



Any one else having issues with the new Bevel tool? I just created a box and made it editable, selected all the edges and beveled them…and it did not look as I thought it would…ie a chamfered box…

I messed with all the settings and still could not get it to work as expected…hmmm


Bezerker. Looks like you clicked and dragged a small amount and then did a second bevel. Youre beveling your bevel



Finally got to play more. Impressive! Found the scenes I was expecting on the goodies disk in the contents browser. Lot’s of cool stuff in the library!

Starting with the Plugin madness now. Of course… I have a new serial now…


Does anyone know when the r15 student version will be available?


Updating the old prefs and libraries to a new version is always a bit of a hassle. Also, things change or move around in a new release, so things that worked in a previous version don’t always translate to the new version.

In Windows the prefs are in a hidden folder. Luckily Maxon has placed a button on the bottom of the Preferences window to access that folder without any trouble. Ctrl-E then click the Open Preferences Folder… button.

I usually copy the old “library” and “prefs” folders to the desktop. I then copy these same folders from the new install and save those somewhere else, in case something breaks. Then carefully go one by one (or as much as you dare) and make sure nothing breaks along the way. It’s clunky but it works pretty well. Then there’s always so manual updating of the new version necessary.


Bug: under prefs/navigation/camera mode if you change this to Cursor mode it will change back to Object mode after quitting and starting back up c4d.

Edit: Actually you don’t even have to close c4d and the navigation defaults back to object mode. Kinda random.


Is anyone having any issues when importing R14 scenes into R15? I always get the heeby jeebies thinking about transferring a commercial scene from an old version to a new version mid-production.


Switching software versions mid-job is never a good idea. In addition to that rule, I always wait for the .1 update (usually a month or two later) to start using it in production.


As Mark says of course, but at the same time I could not resist loading in a project I’m working on in R14. So far so good, although I still have to check a important plug-in. The renders look the same to me, but the bonus is that with the new Embree tracer, render times dropped to better then halve the time, at least in the frames that I checked.

Regards, Robert


Where exactly? I can’t see any goodies disk in the content browser :frowning:


I use Vray, so I wouldn’t be seeing much of a difference there.

I’ll probably wait until the end of the month/early October before using it in production. By then I might have 1.8 & nodal materials as well.


Sorry… bad sentence… I was expecting scenes on the goodies disk. There were none.
After examining the contents browser I found a lot of sample scenes. Also the materials seem to be updated.

In general I am rather happy with the progress in this release. Rendering did become much faster for the things I do. Next thing to play with are the dynamics.