R14 Problems Baking Out Sculpting To Maya/3Delight


Our department finally received Bodypaint R14 and we are enjoying the sculpting tools so far.

However we are having problems exporting Displacement maps to use in Maya/3delight.

Anyone have luck exporting to Maya/3Delight?


You should write what kind of problem you have.

How did you send baked data to Maya, by exchange plugin or save FBX?
If you send by BP exchange plugin, Maya doesn’t have baked object and texture(material) in the scene. so You cannot send new object and material from C4d by exchange plugin.

I think you should assign baked texture in Maya.
BTW, does Maya support importing 32-bit tiff? Color depth of baked textures are 32-bit.


A simple ice cube like polygon object was created in Maya and exported as an .obj. This was then brought into Bodypaint and sculpted.

The problem occurs when baking out the displacement maps. The results given are not correct and contain artifacts. We are using 3Delight/Renderman so there is no problem bringing in float images into the custom shaders that we use at the studio.

Here is a more in depth description:


ps. I couldn’t figure out how to attach images in cgtalk so the link above shows images containing what the problem looks like.


Baking is buggy. Submit bug reports. Please…Please…Please :slight_smile:
Baking also does NOT bake maps that work with rounded geo. Submit feature requests. Please :slight_smile:

To get a decent bake you will need to:
make a subdivided copy.
and extract a copy of your top level displacement.
Then add a bake tag to the subdivided copy.
Then link the polygon copy of your top displacement layer into the “source” link field of the bake tag.
then bake this.
then apply that resulting map to your original geo.
delete everything you didn’t need.
This will usually work, although I have had mixed experiences.

Other options would be xnormal for generating the maps.

    Thanks for responding! Do you suppose you can clarify a few things please?
    1. Baking is buggy. Should we be using sculpting/baking in production? Will it be fixed in R14 updates or will we have to wait till R15?
    2. Submitting bugs. I don't see how to submit a bug. I can't find an Official Maxon forum. On the webpage there is only support-questions page, requiring full serial numbers. (Most studio artists are not going to have a serial number). How do I submit a bug?
    3. Baking does Not bake maps that work with rounded geo. Can you please elaborate on this?


I have used it in production, it is just going to take more work.

As for fixes or updates, I can’t say, it is not something I deal with.

You can get the first 11 by going to the personalize menu. If that doesn’t work get it from your system admin. You can’t do much with the first 11…
http://www.maxon.net/support/support-questions.html this should be used any time you break something, or it seems like something is not working.

When exporting disp maps from something like zbrush you usually get maps that work with rounded geo.

this is the effect you get when you enable round geometry in the displacement tab.
It smooths the geo, almost like HN, and then applies the displacement. This means that you start with something close to your subdivided mesh.


Hi wrender8,

Center Intensity displacement has limitation. Center Intensity displacement moves the points to normal direction only. So it cannot reproduce sculpting result correctly.
This limitation is you can see it in BP too.

You should use “RGB(XYZ object)” or “RGB(XYZ tangent)”.

           This improved the results that were produced with Center Intensity Displacement baking.
         However if you look at Renderhigh's image you will notice there are artifacts present especially near the cresting of the strokes, which we are experiencing as well. If the artifacts were not present then the output would be almost usable. 
         We understand that Intensity based displacement mapping can not properly represent complex sculpting especially with undercuts, pinching, and inflation. However Renderhigh there is nothing in your sculpting example that a Intensity Displacement map could not achieve. The problems with your results are due to some kind of baking artifacts that are unacceptable.
 Attempts to use the Bodypaint vector maps have been futile.

We exported the highres sculpted geo and highres unsculpted geo from Bodypaint and used Zbrush to bake Center Intensity and Vector Displacement maps which both worked flawlessly.


Bodypaint’s Tangent space displacement maps explodes.

While the World space looks better than any other output option offered, it is still not accurate. Where a knife tool is used there are troughs instead of pinched slices, and all the displacement seems muted/clamped.

Perhaps there is something we are missing in regards to how to handle Bodypaint’s Vector Displacment maps?


Nothing Missing. I told you in my first reply that it is buggy.


Ok Thank you for clarifying the situation.

We shall submit a bug report and feature requests to maxon.

I guess until baking output is debugged we will have to use Z-brush for sculpting/baking in production.


Maxon announced that they are getting ready to release Bodypaint R15.

 I was wondering if there has been any development or progress with the Baking out of Displacement?


Sculpt Baking has had some improvements.
if you want to post a c4d file that doesnt bake properly in r14 ill try it in r15 and show the results


This is the best I could upload given the restrictions on this forum.

The BP scene contains the base mesh used to sculpt on. I sculpted with a level 6 subdivision.

If you look in this thread you can see what I sculpted and the errors in testing/baking.



i meant a scene with sculpt already done and also a render of your results will help.
if scene is to big just upload it to an external download site


Honestly at this point any displacement on that cube would be fine. It’s all about the quality and precision of the texture output.

If you look at what “renderhigh” did in this thread you can see artifacts in the output of his random strokes.

However when I get a chance I’ll see what file sharing options there are.


Here is the test file containing four objects:

  1. Original low poly mesh
  2. Sculpting mesh
  3. Duplicated sculpted mesh at level 6 subdivision for baking from
  4. Duplicated original mesh at level 6 subdivision for baking to



here are the results from R15


Looking good! Couple questions though.

   1. What bake settings were used?
   2. Is there support for rounded geo now or does one still have to duplicate the subdivided sculpt and original object to bake from them?
 3. What software was involved in rendering the image?

ps. Thank you for helping me with this issue.


Baking has much improved in R15. It’s not perfect and you still get artefacts from time to time but now there’s a “rounded geometry” option for displacement maps.