R12 plugin round-up


With PointCollapse I finally will be able and willing to use r12.
Have a good christmas!



Hey Michael,
one question regarding the Plugin TransformationTool. would it be possible to make the center of rotation variable? I would like a rotation-snap-function like shown in the image. This would make a really perfect snapping possible. Also it would be good to be able to Skale uniformly by holding shift. TransfromationTool already is my favorite. Its great!!!


Took awhile, but my Render Elements plugin is now available for V12, Mac. PC coming shortly.


This is sooo awesome. Thanks a lot for the long awaited update.:applause:


Light Lister is back online again. This time in python.


Thanks Adam! I have waited for this!! :thumbsup: Colorchanging seem not to work.
cheers. Holger


Never heard of this plugin Light lister, what does it doe as I can’t find any info on the site.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:

Nevermind. Still early in the morning. Just noticed the thread here on CGTalk.


Fixed. Please replace older version with newer version.


No problem. It is a simple utility plugin. Makes a list of every light in the scene with some common parameters easily available. Makes it easy to tweak scenes with lots of lights without having to dig through hierarchies for the lights you need. Also, you can get a kind of “status report” for all your lights by being able to see a table with all your lights. Nothing too fancy, but useful.


Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Any news aboute the release? maby you shuld change the xfrogshop website,
it can be a little tricky to see that the verson you are selling is not workong
in C4D r 12.


I think it’s safe to say that xFrog is officially dead for any further development of C4D.
A real bummer.



Have to agree it looks like Xfrog for C4D is over. They have given the 2 week response since December 2010. Either those guys live in a time bubble or they no longer care about C4D.

So; does anybody know of a viable alternative to Xfrog?


Sure! Dpit plants is a very nice tool. I’ve created quite a few trees with it.



Fortunately the xfrog libraries can still be used and are very good in general.
In my opinion Xfrog has completely not evolved for several years now, only made compatible to new software/OSversions. Mayby Walli can shed some light on current or future developments?
Imho Dpit is the way to go!


I just wrote Xfrog asking them the status of Xfrog. Here’s the response:

[I]R 12 will be out in a few weeks, we are working on it.

We are not dead !

Stewart McSherry
Xfrog Inc.
20202 Pacific Coast Hwy # 11
Malibu Ca 90265
310 456 1704


[QUOTE=Navstar]I just wrote Xfrog asking them the status of Xfrog. Here’s the response:

[i]R 12 will be out in a few weeks, we are working on it.

We are not dead !

[/i]That is a sad response from them. I’ve recently purchased the surfacespread and surfacescape and have been happy with it.


Where can I download this? Dont seem to find a link on your post


It appears that the Deformation coffee script is no longer there on page 1.
Can that be put back for us?

thanks so much.



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