R12 Mac OS X Permissions


Just installed r12 Mac last night. I notice the C4D app and all the related folders have unusually strict permissions.

User> system | Read/Write
Group> admin | read only
Everyone> read only

This means I have to authenticate each time I move something into the plug-in folder.

This is on purpose? Is there any technical reason why permissions have to be so tight with r12? I notice the NET Render Client is equally strict.


it has been like that for some time now.

the maxon folder is entirely private to maxon.

all user installed elements (including 3rd party plug-ins) need to go in the prefs folder.

cheers, simon w.


Simon…do you know if it matters if you actually change the perms?
its often useful to drag and drop folders for plugins when new versions need testing and having to authenicate all the time in pita.


no, the point is that the maxon folder is totally private, don’t touch it ever.

anything that you need to install as a 3rd party user HAS to be installed in your prefs directory (this is the one that you get taken to if you open the prefs panel and click on the big button at the bottom marked take me to my prefs directory).

so, nothing goes in your maxon folder, everything goes in your prefs folder.

if you look in there you will already have a plug-ins folder ready and waiting for you.

this is also where you need to store scripts and such-like.

cheers, simon w.


ah ok will have to revisit it and see what i may or may not have done wrong :eek:
i can’t remember it was a while ago…but seem to remember had probs with dragging and dropping a plugin into plugin folder so “loosened” the perms shall we say…but can’t remember which did it on :hmm: …i ah well…i’ll have a check…lol…typical… :banghead:


This is good info (and completely new to me).

Can you direct me to the official method of installing 3rd party plug-ins? Can’t seem to find anything in the online help.


anything that you need to install as a 3rd party user HAS to be installed in your prefs directory (this is the one that you get taken to if you open the prefs panel and click on the big button at the bottom marked take me to my prefs directory).

Ha ! The same here… I was a little frustrated with the plugin installing process for the last half year. Now it is clear why, thanks in the name of those who never read the manual :argh:


Relevant to the title of the thread though perhaps not to the question of where to put your plugins, I take it you are aware that there’s a patch on the Maxon site specifically addressing problems with OS X permissions?


Well if you are on R12 the process is as follows:

Open Cinema. Choose Edit/Preferences…
Click on the button marked ‘Open Preferences Folder…’
Open the folder that is highlighted (this will be in the path Users/xxx/Library/Preferences/MAXON/long string of gobblydygook).
Inside this folder is YOUR Plug-ins folder, your Prefs and Library folder, etc. etc.

Cheers, Simon W.


Hi all,
everytime I run an update, I get a new folder in my preferences folder Preferences/MAXON/
It’s very messy, and a nightmare to manage plugins and scripts etc.
Anyone else have this problem?

These are the folders I have:
CINEBENCH_11.529 Folder_F78B2D27
CINEMA 4D R11.5_5F007029
Cinema 4D R11.5_49090C66
Cinema 4D R11.5_AE5E9ADE
CINEMA 4D R12 Demo_8C98AB5B
NET Render R11.5 Client_86BF0BC8
NET Render R11.5 Client_B8F37B15

Have I done something wrong? :shrug:


Thanks for this! So each user would have to have separate sets of plug-ins? I assume this is also the case for NET Server/Client?


This change to a supposedly inviolable Maxon folder strikes me as odd; it is also a change that will make my life as an instructor (and de facto lab admin) more complicated (doing lab installs of customized C4D installations just became far more complicated. If your users have network home directories, there is now no way to make sure they all have the same startup options, unless you violate the Maxon folder with your own customizations…).

As it happens, I didn’t know I was supposed to leave the Maxon folder alone, and for the past couple of versions I’ve just been resetting the permissions so that I can change the contents of the plugins and library/browser folders at will.

I haven’t noticed any issues as a result; what are the potential negative implications of having done this?



hmm. I’m on 11.5 and have been putting 3rd party plugins directly into the Maxon plugins folder as always. Everything works as expected.


I’ve been running C4D with all my plugs in the “untouchable” directory, too, with no problems.

Ironically Nick, it’s my hunch that Maxon created the new prefs directory to facilitate updates and alleviate problems, as people apparently customized their Maxon directories which in turn caused problems for the installers.

Just to be safe, though, I’m going to use the correct user prefs directory for my R12 installation.


obviously it is your system and you can do what you want. putting plug-ins in the Maxon folder works just as it always has done.

however, and the most important point, if Maxon overwrite the original plug-ins folder during an update you are hosed.

also if you have customised your set-up and then have to talk with Maxon about any problems you are having they are assuming that your system is in its default state when it really isn’t. that will make troubleshooting harder.

cheers, simon w.


The change in permissions was neccesary to comply with the stronger security measures of Windows 7 and OS X 10.6. In general all user based information has to be stored outside of the program installation path.
The whole mess is caused by the botch job MS and Apple did many years ago when they introduced operating systems with real user management (Windows NT / OS X) without thinking it through.
Since then most apps assume that a user has all access rights for all parts of an application. However due to the increase in malware etc. they are now tightening up the whole system leading to a lot of problems if you try to work in the old way. On Win 7 it can even happen that a file that you think you saved in the application directory is realy only mapped there and if you log in as a different user you won’t find it. This makes updating an application a nightmare.
Ernia is right that in the past user modified installations caused a lot of techsupport problems and inconviniences for the user, but preventing that is only a secondary effect of the changes.



ok then so this begs the question how to go about a global install of plugins? if you need plugins for all users where do you put it :shrug:


If you go to the R12 help Appendix and read the 7th of 8 Tips, you can find the answer, or at any rate the options.
[edit] I know in R12 the help isn’t called help anymore, but you know what I mean. The on-line documentation.


Here it is. But it seems to contradict my original problem.
Make sure not to modify the installed program folders or their contents in any way (the only exception: The plugins folder - plugins can be placed here as usual)! If any modifications are made your software will not function properly! All user-specific information is saved to the user directory, including Content Browser libraries and similar elements.


Just to make it clear, the Maxon updates will not modify the content of you plugins folder, no matter if you use the one in the application directory or a user specific.