R10 Whishlist


damnit i know its early but i wanted that freakin monkey…or was it a donkey…ive always wanted my very own ass…but i remember something about a free animal and nothing so far…or mabey it comes whith purchase…and if not then it should definatley come with the r10 demo


damn i can spell good…i knew that english 101 course would pay off


Geez, what kind of stuff have you been smokin’ dude? :smiley:



Wishlist for R10

SDS. Self Destrust System
If detects if you’re in a forum asking questions that you can find in the manual. Cinema then crashes and your Serials become invalid.

DT7 module. Downgrade to 7
When release 10 is available, if you make mention of release 11, you’ll be downgraded to 7 instantly.


500lbs gorilla to shake the maxon pricing dept outta their banana tree.
failing that a common sense plugin.

failing that…an end to wishlists

and if all else fails hopefully i’ll get my sense of humour back which seems to have been lost recently.


oh oh…ummm mabey a fly swatter…then i could kill the viscious flys that surround my manuals…that way i could read them and stop asking questions!!

and to the what have i been smoking question…nothing just got bored of 50 threads beginning with r9…thought the change in scenery would be nice…

ummm seriously though something to snap points to the z axis of my symmetry object…god would that ever speed up modeling…even a plug in would rock…but i know no programing :frowning:


get mesh surgery. the mirror vice tag does just that and more, it will also automflip the geometry for you if you want, kill central polys (from extrusions and the like) so it’s next best thing to a virtual mirror in cinema.


rel 10 needs a complete re-write of the renderer imo. it’s been basically un-touched since rel 7


What about 9.2? With VRay?


Oh, and for R11 I want Zbrush, MotionBuilder and RenderMan integrated at core level, realtime photorealistic hardware rendering… Seriously, why are you talking about R10 when R9 hasn’t even shipped yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, a v-ray interface for c4d would be lovely. but i cant ever see it happening :frowning:


Since there is almost everything in Cinema it’s very hard to come up with a real wishlist. What can we have that we don’t already have? Real Nurbs, fluid simulation, built-in hair, hardware rendering…but I think these things won’t turn Cinema 4D significantly better. And I don’t really need them too. The only thing that we need is either a hyper-super-mega-renderer (the best out there) with a node-based material editor, or a connection to the 2 best third-party renderers: Renderman or Mental Ray. Not Vray, cause Vray is not on this level either.
You just can’t put Cinema into an existing production pipeline because of the lacking support to these renderers. And even if we had the best renderer out there, changing the production pipeline takes a lot of time and effort.
I think people at Maxon already know about this problem and I’m sure they are working on solution:) But if we request useless things and start endless threads about for example “we want fluid simulation!” or “we need better dynamics system based on the general relativity theory” and so on, then we just slow down the main process. I don’t need real NURBS!


I have and idea!

Since a new release always matches our expectations, there will always be a new thread about what we want in the next release. We already have a bunch of such threads that tell nothing new. So why don’t we start a sticky thread?


Yah, I do wish Vray can replace FR in the next AR module.:smiley:


First respect for al the great work the Maxon developpers did with R9. Incredible job!

But to me what’s indeed still lacking is a connection to a studiolevel renderer like MentalRay.

C4D’s own renderer while fast and precise, I still haven’t seen cg-animation rendered out of it that I could really call photorealistic, that is highcontrast high detailed animation. The latest demoreel didn’t convince me either.

I’ll place my order on monday for XSI foundation, just so I can have acces to MR renderer.
What’s putting me off a little is that I’ll have to invest more time to relearn another app.

What would be incredible is a connection between let’s say XSI and C4D. That way I could do all my work in C4D, which I prefer and just render out of MR.

Now that would be awesome!


A sticky feature request thread wouldn’t be too bad now, would it? Not only Maxon would benefit from that, but also idle plugin developers could get a few ideas from it.


Against popular beliefe Final Render is NOT part of Advanced Render. Only some algorithms and of the render engines have been developed for both systems in similar but not identical ways (Radiosity, Caustics, VMB, SSS). The main renderengine is completely Maxon made.



As much as I loathe the idea of an R10 wishlist before R9 is even out the door (:)), mine would include:

  • redesigned timeline and timeslider;
  • Xrefs/file referencing;
  • raytraced motion blur;
  • raytraced dof;
  • faster blurry effects;
  • faster area shadows;
  • SDK/API hooks to 3d-party renderers (for whoever wants to support Cinema);
  • improved editor display (bumpmaps/displacement, effects);
  • improved Claude Bonet (blending);
  • more useable, though less accurate, dynamics–along the lines of Clothilde;
  • improved ease-of-use for TP and Xpresso;
  • auto-rigging/weighting.

Anyway, in my biased opinion R9 is a huge release and is easily more impressive than any current or even recent upgrade from the competition.



  • shadertree
  • object library supports sub folder
  • irradiance map+light map GI like Vray’s
  • pictureviewer supports cache to compare different render results
  • progressive/realtime render preview
  • real time post effect edit
  • more Xpresso nodes like houdini’s (copy ransform…)


Yeah, Adam, I would agree with easier to use Dynamics. Though I would say, using Maya’s dynamics, easier to use vs more accurate, doesn’t have to be the choice; Dynamics should and can be both easier and more accurate, as Alias has shown.