R10 book by Arndt announced



It’s in german so not readable for everybody. I can read german although it’s very confusing to read german words for functions and objects in C4D so I hope there will also be an english version soon. Now there is no paper manual for R10 a well written book could be a hit. Well done Arndt :thumbsup:



for real c4d geeks this news is already outdated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll have to double check with Arndt but I do believe there is a publisher deal setup for translation, I know there is a publisher interested.

Don’t look for one form me anytime soon. I’m adapting as much as I can from my original manuscript as basically all the tools have changed and a lot of extra capabilities (and knowledge) since I originally wrote it. I’m not planning on having anything published until a 10.5 so that its thorough, accurate, and up to date when it comes out. I’m honestly very impressed with how dedicated Arndt has been to get this book out so fast, I know how hard it was trying to get a manuscript for R9 done around release time, and its cycle was a lot more forgiving than this one (not to mention the more dramatic changes to interface and common tools like OM)

Arndt is without a doubt the best Cinema 4D author in any language.


Thank you Kai,
I keep my fingers crossed that you’ll be able to publish your book soon, too. Count me in for being one of your first customers :wink:
Indeed the translation of my v10 book is already in the works. It will be published by Focal Press in the USA. You can already find it listed here on their site:


Sorry for that long link. I wasn’t sure if I could cut something off or not. In case this doesn’t work just visit http://www.focalpress.com and enter “cinema 4D” as a search term.
If all goes well it will be available by early january.

In case you want to have a first look at some of its content, I threw together some texts and images on this site:


Hey that’s great news! Thanks Arndt :slight_smile:



Hi Arndt,

look forward to adding this to rest of my collection of your books.



Thank you Jannis :wink:
I hope you’ll like it.


Great news Arndt - I’m definitely going to buy that :thumbsup:



Glad to Hear Focal Press is indeed working with you, I’ve been in contact with them for a few Siggraph’s now, and met to lovely girls this year who were telling me they were working on that with you and that Focal Press is very interested in the Cinema 4D market. I’m sure we’ll see many books from them in the future. There one of the two I’m considering though I’m also looking into self publishing possibly.


Nice. I searched for “CINEMA 4D 10 Workshop” on Amazon’s site. They have it listed as well … but without a front cover.

Check it out.


Adds to shopping list… wish this one had also been translated to English… :slight_smile:


This is great, I’m definitely getting this. Neil (fellow Oz man), I gather it has been translated to English - or are you talking about one of the other books?


Oops forgot to post the link.http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/321129760X/arndtvonkoenigsm

Thanks for the pickup Anthony. I don’t no many Oz C4D designers.


Nice. I’m so glad to have a C4D book to look forward to. All the other ones (in English) are outdated. R9.1 or older.


Thanks Odo for starting this thread: I was about to buy it auf Deutsch and I would have learned more German than Cinema I guess.

Arndt: I have your book on rel7 and I still find useful. That slinky! The eyeball. Man, I learned a lot from those.
Looking forward to have it here, that new book of yours.


Put me down for 2 copies,

It looks awesome, cannot wait to get a copy.

Nice work Arndt!



gg Thank you Erik :wink:


Thanks Danny!
I like your avatar. GITS fan, too?


And another must have! Looking forward to the book and the DVD.


Thank you all!
I am glad that Focal Press was stepping forward to take the risk and do a translation.
Chances are also good that French and Italian translations will follow. I keep my fingers crossed.
Beside this book there will also be a tutorial DVD coming out by the end of this month. Unfortunately this one is German only, but maybe some of you are interested in this, too, so I put together another info site for this as well: