R-20 - CAD Import.


Yeah if can’t import assemblies or a batch import of parts that respect their positions it has a very diminished capability.


Far from a definitive test - but good news…

I just randomly picked a file from GrabCAD:

and the SLDASM imported fine.


Thanks for feedback, yeah it would have been strange that assemblies could not be imported.


yes assemblies import fine. :slight_smile:


A follow up on the NURBS / CAd stuff.
One thing I’d forgotten is that if you import a DWG file with NURBS splines in it - those splines are imported as NURBS. The splines are not editable - but the attribute manager shows greyed-out controls and parameters that are NURBS specific. So it certainly seems that the C4D can read and understand that data.


Agreed. Having converted tens of thousands of cad files and paying thousands of dollars for Transmagic subscriptions over the last 15 years, Maxon’s converter outshines it. Well done, Maxon!


I’ve finally had some time to play with the CAD importer as well. I brought in a heavy model in STEP format that was choking MOI on OBJ export. With a couple of tweaks to the import settings R20 brought in a nice clean mesh. There were a few components that were giving MOI a real hard time when meshing and R20 had not problem with them. I did find one little trouble spot that i was able to fix by deleting a bad nGon and welding two vertices. All in all it took me about 10 minutes to get something really nice and usable, compared to about 8 hours of time getting everything satisfactory with my R19 import pipeline.

Added bonus is the efficiency of instanced geometry and keeping the original component hierarchy.

Unfortunately i don’t use Cinema’s built in render engines so i need to go back to R19 for rendering, but so far, very pleased with the new CAD import feature! Well done!


I haven’t had opportunity yet to use this in a real-world scenario but I probably will soon. While I don’t want to knock PolyTrans — because they were the only game in town for a long time — I have to agree the shear number of options and variables one had to track was… challenging. Add to that the fact that I was working with SolidWorks on the other side of the equation and it was one giant PITA.

Look forward to that no longer being a thing. Coming from C4D and then having to fish around inside SW, you come to appreciate just how elegant the C4D UI is in most respects. Not even sure what comparison I could make because C4D’s UI is not a case of a simplistic or dumbed down feature set; it’s just really well designed and laid out. Suffice it to say I prefer a 45 minute visit to the dentist to 45 minutes in SW. lol


" why not put a CAD modeling toolset directly into C4D next?"

that would be a great feature