R 11.5 Test Renders


Hi folks, I have nothing yet…but lets post our tests and animations in a single thread…

Happy rendering … love the instances… I have nothing to show yet



here are all my modyamics Tests I’ve made, yet.



And 8000 Cubes


All simulations went almost in realtime. Only the last one caches about 5 minutes.

Looking forward to other stuff!



They all look very interesting, go for more! :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting! I would like to know what the limitations are for the thickness of shattering objects. I think I read thick objects cannot be shattered? So how is too thick defined?



Made this yesterday,nothing special a little “cartoon volcano eruption

more to come :cool:


this is nothing special.
just basic animation showing mogdyn and the time scale parameter



Just messing around, a brick wall. Seems solid enough and setup is intuitive, and there’s some nice features… it’s not quite a replacement yet for SilverBullet though, you won’t be making any linked chains with Mograph dynamics.



here’s a quick test. The physics working quickly in the viewport meant I could quickly adjust each hit.


I also like the new picture viewer.



Do you guys still have to pre-shatter stuff to get it shatter on impact?


yes, and no. It is pre-shattered by the explosions FX but you don’t have to create extra objects and can change the settings of the shattering durin the simulation.



another quick test. I didn’t make the car.


Only keyframes are on camera. Each car is about 6700 polygons and there was no slowdown in the viewport.



Wow i might just buy silver bullet if they work much better with Mograph cloners. The bricks are moving and stoping constantly(no good) on the other hand there is no demo for silver bullet, does it works better with Cloners Chris?


If I heard correct last night, I’m sure the guys on livestream said the modynamics is built around silver bullet’s RB systems. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come :slight_smile:


Nope both Silver Bullet and MographDynamics are based on the bullet engine. MoDyn is NOT based on Silver Bullet


Some nice tests! :slight_smile:

I won’t bother you with my MoDynamics tests, but here’s a render instances scene I created today. I didn’t go for as many poly’s as possible, just for a nice image that could not have been done with R11.

Interesting note: I was rendering the scene in the picture viewer and in the editor at the same time, and still Cinema 4D only took about 400MB RAM in it’s entirely. Very impressive!


Wow great image showing the instancing!
I can’t wait to play with the updated SurfaceSpread and the new instancing. Way cool!



Fantastic example of instances. I can’t wait to see animations of scenes like that.


Hi ediris - you might have misunderstood me there, in this sort of test (brick wall) I’d say that SilverBullet and the new Mograph Dynamics are roughly equal, you get more fine tuning with SB (I think - haven’t got the documentation yet for 11.5) but there’s some nice options in Mograph2 that SB doesn’t have.

Where SB wins is with more complex shapes, like chains, interlocking objects, compound objects - stuff like this


Thanks for posting Chris, i will update in the upcoming months.I will give a try to the demo though.



one final test