Nowadays solving question of reduction influence of human activity on Nature is very topical problem.On all levels, as from manufacturers and up to government level, trying to implement "green’ technologies in order not to rase it to the ground once and for all. And make interaction of human and nature more balanced and mutualy wholesome. So now picture this: if this tendency will be kept and it will continue developing and transform in to more deep understanding of Nature. And what if technologies from perfunctory (physical, material) knowledge level will step into new sophisticated level with understanding all non-material substances with its relations ann connections.
And growth in something like Alchemy was in past centuries, with its matter transformation, which will open wide range of new technologies and turn from destructive to constructive way of interaction between human and Nature.
So I try to imagine what will be a vehicle for man which have whole another level knowledges and attitude to environment. Quintae. A hover vehicle for future alchemist.



Great concept. It has a sweet, whimsical feel. Congratulations and good luck.


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