Quicktime Video Issues


Hi There,

I’ve just bought a couple of digital tutors videos and I’m having real problems getting them to load. The video’s use quicktime and use an ensharpen codec which apparenty improves scrubbing (not for me though). Basically, whenever I start the video’s, quicktime crashes without displaying any of the video. When I eventually manange to shut QT down with Task Manager I get the attached error message. have tried everything that’s suggested at the Digital Tutors and Quicktime Forums at Apple; i’ve even formatted my hard drive and reinstalled windows xp. I can’t send the video’s back to digital tutors as they work fine on my other pc. I also don’t really want to as the tutorials look really good so my preffered option i to get the working on my rig.

Anyhow, I know from reading some of the posts on this thread that there are a huge amount of extremely knowledgable folk that visit these forums so I’d be eternally grateful if someone could give me some advice which solves my issue.

System Specs:

OS = Windows XP Home Edition
CPU = Athlon XP2100
Graphics = Geforce TI 4600
Sound = Soundblaster Live 5.1

Thanks and Regards(-:


If you have reformatted your HD, I’m assuming it’s a hardware incompatibility.
Do you have all the newest drivers and all the windows updates installed?

If yes, some of your hardware might just not work with that particular codec. If so I’m guessing (out of the blue) the sound blaster card. See if it works if you deinstall it.

Other than that… no clue :shrug:


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