QuickTime .MOV playback problem (for locally encoded mov files) - out of ideas :(



I have this weird problem when I play back Quicktime files, which I create
on my machine.

When I play other .MOV files, there are no problems. The file itself appears to be fine
as well (here it is).

So basically the problem appears only for QuickTime files, which I create on my machine,
when I play them back. I use Photo-JPEG compression. It’s not related to card/drivers
because I’ve tested with a different card. I also tried to QuickTime Alternative (pictured
above). I’ve tried various codec packs. Same problem. I’m COMPLETELY out of ideas.


WindowsXP (no service packs)
ASUS N6600 video
DirectX 9.0
Latest QuickTime(Alternative)
Latest codecs.

Movie files where generated by 3DSMax and AfterEffects with the same glitch.



Additional experiments showed, that problem lies with Photo-JPEG comp.
When I keep compression below 60%, there are no playback problems.
However above that value (the less compression), the playback
noise occurs. And looks like it increases with higher value.
Pretty strange and still no explanation…


I downloaded that movie and it plays perfectly.

Hmmm. Something is affecting the decompression on your machine. Sometimes JPEG decompression is handled by the graphics card. It could that.


Thanks for checking.
I don’t think it’s a card though. I had this problem for couple months and
recently upgraded a card. I also checked yesterday with MPEG-A and MPEG-B
compression and there is no problem. Really puzzling…


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