Quicktime h.264 corrupt playblast


I have a new PC, when rendering to a resolution of 1998 x 1080 the video is corrupt, change the resolution to 1920x1080 or pretty much any other res it renders fine.
windows 10 Maya 2016 extension 2.
Quicktime 7.8 h.264
Nvidia 1080 drivers 411.63, Ryzen Threadripper 1920

The scene will playblast fine on the older PC with the same quicktime


Try not using Quicktime? It’s 2018. I haven’t seen a Quicktime file in about ten years.


video has limitations, 1998x1080 will give that issue, it doesn’t matter what kind of system you have. There are other video aspects that will also replicate the error, try 944x455. It won’t work. Sometimes it will insert a black line on the right edge of the video, but other times it won’t work at all. I don’t know of any resource for aspect ratios that dont work, it’s very much trial and error, and you’ve found one.