Quick way to change brush size


Is there a shortcut or plugin that would allow you to quickly change brush sizes, without going up to the slider?



The left bracket key will take the brush down in size, the right bracket key will increase size, similar to photoshop. mokba


thanks mokba!

is there a way to change what keys to use? I’m thinking it would be easier if the brush changing keys were done to the bottom left of my keyboard. I see a customize keys option, but it only lists the F keys.



The function keys are it for now. The ability to remap more keys is still on the wish list for painter. sorry, mokba


In the future, please try to follow this: http://www.cgtalk.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=112


There is a key-mouse combo to changes the size of the brush as well. Hold down ctrl-alt-shift and click drag the pen, a little circle will pop up that you can made bigger/smaller.




One way to change brush size with keys in the lower left corner of the keyboard is to:

Hold down the Ctrl/Command+Shift+Alt/Option keys and drag outward to increase brush size or drag inward to decrease brush size.


Use the [ key to decrease brush size and use the ] key to increase brush size.

Using this second method, you can set the size increments in Edit > Preferences > General.

Hold down those keys to continuously change brush size until you let go.


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