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When doing geometry for indoor lighting specifically, what is the best way to model the geometry? Is having a single mesh better (walls all connected via one object with welded verts n everything)? or is having multiple meshes ok, (box for floor, box for walls, box for ceiling… etc)? Which way is preferred, and are there any for sure dont’s? Thanks!


In theory, having just one mesh is better because you have no light leaks possibility.
All render engines does not handle not connecting / overlapping the same way, so going in the cleanest junction way possible would be the correct way. Is it a big thing if you do it individually, no, and you probably will end up with more flexibility. Both have advantages, so it comes down to a workflow question, what’s the best for you…


that worx. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile: I kinda figured as much, but wanted to get a second opinion…


if you make night interior without incoming sunlight or envoronment light, create geometry any possible ways. but if it’s daylight interior, only one mesh can save you from light leaks


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