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I am trying to use an alpha map to make a square cube for a street sign look rounded. I’m wondering what the best technique to achieve those shapes in photoshop would be? I need the rounded edges to be exactly the same on all four corners of the texture. Help is much appreciated:)

For example the “Miami” Sign below. I have a cube that will be alpha mapped to look rounded(in order to keep a super low tri count)


  1. Use the rectangular marquee tool to select the area the sign will cover.
  2. The selection will be square with sharp edges.
  3. Go to refine edge option box.
  4. In the adjust edge panel, drag smooth all the way to the right and shift edge all the way to the left.

Hope this helps.


You can also use the rounded rectangle shape tool to get a selection path, refine the edge radius in the toolbar.


Thanks that helps. Is this the fastest way to go about it…are there any toolsets or plugins out there to speed up the process of making shaped selections?

Edit: I also figured out I could subtract from the selection with the various selection tools (lasso, ellipse, etc), but keeping everything perfectly symmetrical is a little harder.


The suggestions above are pretty easy and quick to do.

If you want really easy, download the free corner rounder brushes from this page:


Once you round the corners, you can transform the brush to whatever width x height you want it.


Rats, double post.


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