Quick Access to tools in shelf


Lets say I have a custom shelf of my own with all the tools I use the most in modeling, now I dont want to have to go up to this shelf and click an specific tool every time I need it, instead how can I use things like the hotbox to access the shelf I want or how can i assign key binds to and specific tool thats in my custom shelf?

Thank you!!


i don’t know of a way to access the shelf from a marking menu but you can make a hotkey for the items in the Hotkey Editor. Just right click the menu item, copy the code and paste it into a new hotkey entry in the User section of the hotkeys.


You can create a marking menu and MMB drag shelf icons into it.


ah ya. that seems to have slipped my mind even though I do it all the time. Better for sure.


Thank you!! all working great


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