Questions on texture/uv maps and subdiv vs smooth


Here are a couple of things i never really had a solid footing on even as a CG major. noone ever really explained this stuff…

ive been working on a vespa model and i always seem to get stuck at this point…

i know there are chrome shaders out there but im always confused by uv mapping surfaces that im adding a shader to. i uv map everything and paint on chrome materials?

  1. do people ever texture map chrome surfaces?
  2. do i need to uv map surfaces that im putting a shader on?

i havent smoothed my model but when i press 3 it makes that subdiv mesh that seems to render fine but when i actually use the smooth function on the model its slightly different from the subdivmesh that i get from pressing 3.

  1. should i be smoothing the model out or leaving it in that subdiv state? (this model would be used for production)

here are links to 2 passes.

ambient occlusion pass

wireframe pass


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