Questions on building a Spine Rig


Just a few: How many spinal bones should I use for a detailed movie character, and should I align and position my spinal bones to fit like a real spine, adjusting it to curve out, then curve back in. I noticed that it is important to position bones realisticly, but, is it important for the Spine?


Is it a realistic character?


Yes, it is. It’s very detailed.


So how many spine bones shoulld I use and need?



… or 33.

… or somewhere in between. Your choice buddy!


Is having 33 necessary, even for professional models? I need to know the professinal amount for a detailed character, a quality rigg. Is having 33 overkill?


I can’t say for sure… but in my own personal opinion, 33 is massively overkill for a realistic spine movement. Hell you could “get by” with just 2.

Take a look at this:

And just ask yourself… for your own characters needs, how many bones do you need to make that possible? And remember, simple is usually always better! Don’t over-complicate things for the sake of it.

I’d be surprised if someone could come here and just give you a number. We don’t even know what sort of character you’ve got… in-fact I’ve just realised that I don’t even know if it’s human or not! But even with that aside… it really is up to you, and what you’re aiming for.

Sorry I can’t be of any more help.


Thanks for your help. My current character is from Poser. It is a human.


I heard that 6 is too less, more for a cartoon character. I would just like to know the best amount.


Can anyone tell me or what? This is one of the main 3D Help websites and no one can tell me a good amount of bones for rigging a spine?


I don’t mean to cause offence, but you have enough information here to take some form of initiative. Try to understand that we know very little about your character, and when it comes to something as bespoke as a rig, the unfortunate answer of “it depends” will often arise.

Have you even tried rigging your character yet? And how much have you looked into how human spines work?

Here’s a pretty helpful image that breaks the spine down into its different types of vertebrae:

But… if it’s really just a number you want, from someone who knows nothing about what you’re doing.

Again, though… I’m really not trying to be an asshat here. You know the old proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”


Help website, not mind reading website.

Just to add confusion: I’d go for 3 bones, maybe 4. One for the neck, 1 or 2 for the thoracic vertebrae and another one for the lumba vertebrae


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