Questions about submitting work to the ''Gallery'' section of this website.


Hi peeps!

I’ve never posted work to the ‘gallery’ section before! I’m thinking of doing so, but wanted to know a few things.

1 - Is it possible to post videos to the gallery section? Or is it just for still images. I’ve just had a scroll through the ‘Latest Entries’ sub-forum and couldn’t spot any videos. Only the thing I’ve made is primarily an animation, and given the choice, I’d love to showcase the full animation (though I’m happy to just post some still images if needs be).
If videos ARE allowed, can they be done so via a Youtube link? Or would there need to be a fresh upload of the video just for this site.

2 - How do I put my gallery submission forward for consideration to be featured? I figured it would be worth a punt to see if it could be :smiley:
Are ALL entries in the ‘Latest Entries’ sub-forum automatically considered for being featured? Or is there some other process I need to go through to be considered?

Apologies if I’ve missed a section on this website which already explains all of this! I had a quick scan but couldn’t find anything.
In any case, thanks for reading this!


Welcome, you have probably noticed the sites a lil clunky , at the moment we are in the process of updating.

For now videos can be linked here

Any work submitted to the gallery automatically is entered for selection for featured, community and cg choice awards.

Looking forward to your work.


Thanks Travis!
I’ll submit my stills to the ‘Gallery’ section, and link the accompanying video to the ‘‘Demo Reel’’ sub-forum if that’s ok! :slight_smile: