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Ryan Church

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anyway, here it is:

ryan church says that he uses a chalk brush and sets the spacing of this brush to continuous
for most of his blocking in needs:

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what does that mean?? turn the spacing down?

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I think he just sets the spacing in the brush controls to a low percentage (or even 0%). There’s also a checkbox there that says “continuous time deposition” or something, but I don’t know if that’s what he’s talking about.


thank you,i think it will be helpful to my job


thank you,i think it will be helpful to my job


Choose the square chalk brush > window > show brush creator > spacing tab

Make spacing 10 % Min. spacing 2.9 (this is what Ryan set it to in the dvd)

Basically though just set the spacing low so you arent getting so much texture. This makes the brush stroke smooth. Set it to your liking though. Its all about using the square to quickly block in rough shapes in a painterly manner.


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