Questions about EXR files and Nuke 10


Recently I start learning Nuke after completing an online workshop. I’m using Nuke 10 trial version on a PC computer. I already downloaded the ProEXR pluggin and install it in Photoshop, but so far I have no idea if I should install it or not (or how to do it) on Nuke 10. The install information on the downloaded bundle is pretty scarse.

I can open a read node and load the EXR image on Nuke, but I don’t how if there is a way to separate the the EXR in layers to start working my composition (Background, middleground, foreground, ect)…

I’ve been struggling to find info online but not much seems available, I would appreciate any help I could get.



Hey Rizo,
So I use the proexr plugin at work, The way it works is it puts each photoshop layer into a seperate channel. So when you save out in photoshop click “include layer composite” which will go into the rgba when you read it in, in nuke.
Then each of your layers (with alphas) will be in seperate channels which you can view by using a “shuffle” node in nuke or you can click on the dropdown that says “rgba” just below the viewer 1 tab in the top left. There is a 2GB file limit with pro exr so try to condense down as many layers as you can.
You dont need to install it for nuke, its just a plugin to save out of photoshop.

If you have any issues post up a screenshot here and ill try to help.