Questions about CG and Animation!


Hello everyone!

I know these questions have probably been answered tons of time. But I just wanted to share from my point of view.

For many years i’ve searched what I’d want to do with my hands. I’ve tested a loads of things from filming to photography, photo compositing and Video editing, Video FX and even Color Grading.
But sadly nothing from these really attracted me. I dont know how to explain but I sort of needed that kind of spark that lighten and become your true passion: Like OK! That’s what I want to do! And this spark with all things I have tested never happened. It never happened until now.
I visited an 3D Animation Studio in France, wich is where I live and have seen all aspect of the production, Modeling, Texturing, UV Mapping, Rigging, Lighting, Animating and so on.
And Realized every artists there had a specific role. One comited only to Lights, one only to rigs etc. And I spent 3 hours to watch someone animating a rigged character just to make a 5 seconds footage. Thought I just find that Spark! I went home after that to see if it’ll calm down and just leave my mind after a day or two but well instead I started to read about animations in all of it’s form. Bought books started to stare at people and how different they move compared to others, started to act and deconstruct every movements frame by frame.
Then, 1 Week ago I started to mess with Maya and Rigged characters and I realized I completely fell in love with Animation… 3D particularly.

Im kind of confused because most of people I know that went through Schools were pretty young when they started (20-24 more/less).
I’m 28 years old at the moment and I’d continue to enjoy animation even if you tell me i’m too old to start in the CG field.
But just to clarify, can something good come out of this passion if I fully commit to it?
I worked enough to save money for the next ~2 years to fully go in a dedicated learning path. Meaning I could read/watch courses and practice 5-7 hours a day.
Can I Start a real career in Animation and finnaly live from my passion and not only work because I have to pay the bills?
I’ve read several of similar posts from some years ago. I just wanted to make sure and probably get some advices and “mentoring” showing me the way I could/should follow to reach my goals/dreams.

Sorry for my english, it’s not perfect. I’m still learning it after a year.
Thanks in advance for all your answers and experience! Much appreciated.