Question: run ShowBatchRender automatically after BatchRender completion


hi all

i treid my best to create this mel but i couldnt because i am new to maya… so please help me to create this small mel

i want a mel that makes the following:-

run mayaBatchRender; 
run im_disp;
im_disp_open = the_file_being_rendered;

so i will be able to see how my batch render is going…

i dont know how to type it in mel language.
i want to make a batch render. and also see the results in the same time.
as we know im_disp is an application in maya directory that shows maya rendered images.

please tell me the mel code which is used to render a file and run the “im_disp” application at the same time to see the results directly…
thanks in advance

if what i am asking is impossible… i have an altarnative way which is easier as i think…

here is another code that i want to type in mel:-

if (BatchRender =  Complete)
then (ShowBatchRender);

how to do it?

waiting for answers… it looks that i will not sleep until i find a solution


ohhhhh no replays…

no one knows???



let’s assummed you’ve got everything set-up (Project settings, Render Globals settings and blah blah blah)

Try this:

global proc nn_batchRenderFiles()


string $fileToRender[] = {“ball.mb”};

for ($file in $fileToRender){

string $brFile = batchRender -f $file;






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