Question/ request: universal material converter - (is it feasible)?


Just wondering if this is technically possible, and if so, how much can be done by a 3rd party, without direct input from specific render engine developer?
I find it frustrating that most render engines are able to convert from C4D standard material to their respective material, but not the reverse. I often want to try out a new render engine, or just port something from, say Corona Render to UE4… but this is not possible.
Am I the only one with this wish? - is it even feasible?
I would pay a handsome amount of money for such capability.


basically - what I’m describing already exists for 3DSMAX:


it is possible but quite some work, has to be setup (and coded) for each engine then by the 3rd party developer.

how much you woudl pay for that, how many woudl buy that? (so the many work hours pay off for development)


One can hope the current work of ilm, substance and autodesk for as key players turns into something standard in the industry.

Sadly we seen so many standards fail to grow and because each new standard takes so long for most to adopt you end up seeing a newer better one come out and then take forever to get adopted.

As more softwares choose to use a pbr approach with something like the disney principled shader and less biased more brute forced path tracing approaches etc they conversions get a little easier. Arnold, being an autodesk renderer has adopted a new shader in their new version and ilms shader is now being included in prman 24 so we will likely see some big movement within those two renderers in the next year or two. With substance making a push and being two of the key softwares for texture creation, i can see many wanting to adopt similar support to simplify brining in shaders. If foundry follows suit with Mari, and either unity or unreal choosing to go the materialX route we could actually see a standard for materials for once.


thanks for the feedback, guys.