Question regarding ways to create metallic texture for model


I have been trying to create the following highlight effect/result.

                                                                               Screenshot of the game Battlerite

As you can see from the images, the circled area is really reflective. While the character rotate the reflection and lighting will chance base on the angle of the character.

The images below is me trying to replicating something similar, but as you can see it is as not as reflective as one shown. I have try on other metallic texture but none even come close.

NOTE: I have apply a diffuse, normal and specular map to the plane.

A quick render version( using mental ray)

The texture maps I applied is provide below as references.

I am currently very lost and as for the reflective characteristic, Do i have to create a reflective map as well? if so how does a reflective map look likes, it is similar to specular (black and white)?

Expert guidance is appreciated, Thank you.


If I’m reading this right, all that gray means “I don’t want most of this metal to be very shiney.” Try clearing the specular slot and leaving it white. For a test.


gruhn, Hey thank you for the reply. I have tried the mentioned method but not it doesn’t work( as I desire). It does widen the area where the light reflect making it look more luminous. However, it look fake and overexpose at some angle.


Try creating fresnel fall off specular map


Hey floating world, thank you for the reply. Is there a guide/tutorial recommendation in creating Fresnel falloff for specular map, cause most tutorial only teach to create a standalone map where it over right my current texture.

Just out curiosity, can I export the fresnel falloff to game engine such as unity (plan to venture to that field in the future)