Question regarding Fume and particle source


Hey guys,

I had a small question regarding Fumefx using only certain particle events. I’m trying to create dust for a running horse. My setup is pretty straight forward,

1.Particles are emitted on a plane at frame -30 (for trail)
2. Deflectors are attached to the horses feet and are in a collision spawn
3. Everytime they hit said particles, the birthed particles get sent to a new event with a wind force.

Everything for the most part works like I want it to except I don’t know how to tell Fume to ignore the birth event (it sims the particles on the plane) and only sim for the last event (wind force event). I’m hoping Fume’s like Krakatoa in the sense that you can choose which pf events to use. I’ve attached an image of my PF setup (with a marking of which event I’d like to include in Fume)


By default, fume doesn’t have a way to separate particle events. If you have afterburn you can use the pflow-aburn operator, and select the pflow-aburn object as your particle source. I’m sure they have an operator for fume that works, maybe try emailing afterworks / sitni sati and see if they can give you copy of the operator.


Thanks a ton mate. I’ll drop the good folks at sitni an e-mail.


i’m not sure, but i think they add this operator in FFX1.1


I’m using 1.1 but I don’t see it in the operator depot…:shrug:


You could also do a workaround with shaped particles and a mesher/object source I gues.


Thanks for the tip man. I’ll have to give it a shot sometime. After contacting the guys at sitni and getting no reply, I kinda decided to use Krakatoa which worked wonderfully.


yeah PFowAB only ships with AB which is kinda annoying if u only have fumefx :frowning: If u install fume or AB vice versa it should check if this operator sits in the depot already and install it along with the plugin if not… :frowning:


…i wonder if the operator work with just the aburn demo


they should have it as a freebie download when ur registered as legal buyer…maybe over TS destribution too.

pretty much like the pflow freebie stuff.


They really should. After waiting about 3 weeks with no reply, I’m beginning to doubt I’ll ever get that operator unless we buy AB :frowning:


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