[question] Painter


Hi all

i have a question , what is Painter ?
have anyone a link to the homepage of this prog ?



Painter is software for digital painting (surprise surprise :smiley: ).
It looks somewhat like Photoshop, but has a better intuitive feeling when you use it. Better brushes etc. Feels more like traditional painting, where Photoshop can feel a bit technical sometimes.
Painter Classic (why they didn’t call it Painter Light I never understood) comes free with the Wacom Graphire2 tablet, and the most important difference between Classic and 7 is that Classic has no layers (like in Photoshop). But than you don’t have layers in traditional painting either so I myself use Classic (that oddly enough has better brushes as 7 aswell).


my intuos2 came with painter classic and it has layers.


It has? Classic? Than where the hell are they?


I bought a Graphire2 a month ago, and I wonder if Painter Classic is enough to paint some good stuff, or if I should use Painter7…

Well, if Classic has no layers, I think I’ll stay on my lovely Open Canvas :surprised


Yes PLEASE , GF, tell us how to get layers in Classic. That would change my paintings alot.


i think he made a mistake…becuse im losing my mind trying to find layers in this thing:surprised


heres a screen


man you lucky, lucky man! Ive got a version of PC that doesn’t have layers. My tablet is almost two years old now, this must be a newer version. Im going to the website to see if I can download the newer version of classic. I’ll let everyone know if it’s possible.


yeah that may be why, i got it last week

so its the newest ver

and yet im still using primarily photoshop!

Ill learn painter though, and im sure ill love it once i do


this is taken form the Wacom website.
your version of painter classic is really painter 7 you lucky dog.

procreate Painter Classic
This exciting new limited edition of Painter 7 (the industry-leading natural media drawing application) takes full advantage of Intuos2’s advanced functionality and supports multiple layers to give you maximum flexibility. With 40 pressure-sensitive tools and a mix of papers, nozzles and patterns you’re all set for some serious creative fun.

too bad for the rest of us, but if you dont have a tablet right now…GO GET ONE!:thumbsup:


:annoyed: me no got no layers:annoyed:


Painter Classic 2.0 has layers… 1.0 didn’t. So if you bought a Wacom recently, you got 2.0, and hence layers.



so graphire2 box contains Classic 2.0 or 1.0 ?

(another weird thing: drivers on the website are older than those on the graphire2 install CD :confused: )


Originally posted by piGfreeZer
[B]so graphire2 box contains Classic 2.0 or 1.0 ?

(another weird thing: drivers on the website are older than those on the graphire2 install CD :confused: ) [/B]

nope, looks like they are just shipping a newer ver now…if you look on the site and go into the software section they both say what dmc said only in the graphire section replace intuos with graphire…so it must be a new thing…cool, i would be happy with jsut the hardware and no software…its just that good!!!

reading on i did notice that the Photoshop elements 2.0 only comes with the intuos2 4x6 and 6x8…so, if you dont own photoshop theres a nifty incentive!

i love my new toy!


I just got my intuos2 6x8 a little over 1.5 months ago and I have no classic 2 :frowning:

edit: did you realize how old classic is? I think the version I have is from 05/00 If i read that correctly :eek:

Can I send the elements back for it hehehe I got like 3 element disks from different things purchesed and have the retail photoshop anyway…

Kinda sucks too as I d/l the painter 7 trail and got hooked on the layers then… times up.

Off topic but 5 days ago (11/22) wacom relesed a new driver!!! Just found it while searching through stuff in relation to this thread.

The rest hehe

Gotta reboot and see if I can see any differences…


painter 6 and painter 7 both have layers… you guys must be using demo versions or something

I use painter 6 at work and I have painter 7 at home… both are loaded with all sorts of cool crap

if you guys don’t have layers, do you even have the option of making a movie image sequence? or using the tracing paper tool?

(or maybe i’ve misread something)


I got a wacom graphire2 aprxm. one year ago but it had p.classic v1 i see … I wonder if wacom is willing to give the customers new version for free …


Let us know when you find out. I know more people here with the same problem (me included).


I think I lost my install cd :frowning:

Might have to call and see if I can get a replacement hehe.