Question on how to change the color of the interface work in MAYA


السلام عليكم
Welcome to my brothers and sisters
I want to ask on how to change the color screen to this kind of work
Please Look at image

I hope you understand that you will be Question
and soory foor my english

your brother from Moroco - WASSim Lens Radouani


Are you referring to the background of the scene itself or the user interface?

The background of the scene can be switched between a few presets by using [ALT = b]

The interface colors can be changed by
Windows > Settings/Preferences > Color Settings



Are you referring to the BG of the viewport? It’s easy to do with the color settings.

then just change the BG color.


Thank you very much on help
And how successful I have 100% 100
Alt + b :eek::slight_smile:


Yes, Dear
I want to change the background screen action
But I found the solution and Thank you for participating Alt + b


thanks guys


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