Question: Isometric Render?



i build some buildings for an isometric game like “SimCity” … the problem is only the Rendering, its never Isometric like in SimCity.

Did someone have a tip or a tutorial where i can read how to do it?



bonus tools has that option


ah great … thanx, it works works … not perfect but good :wink:


and you can switch the perspective view to an orto, place it like you want… not even cool but i did a opener with it - it works


yeah i use it in the orto view. … and afters some training i must correct my statement and say that it works PERFECT! :scream =D … Thanx again …

:bounce: :


whats bonus tools ??

i also am having this exact problem… even if i render from an orthographic view im still getting a perspective out of it…

if i were to render a square at a 45 degree angle i would want to be able to duplicate it in photoshop and have it tileable. but it doesnt line up due to the perspective.

any solutions ? or if you know what bonus tools is then plz do tell more : P



bonus tools is a free pack of usefull scripts and plugins that is available on alias’s site… get it from the download section:

btw you need to register to download it :slight_smile:



thanks i got it… it seems to be working ok… cept i have a new problem now

the way this function works is it seems to collect all things in your scene and place them under a obj set and then scew the set to give you a orthographic look.

right now its taking my bones and my smoothed skin and skewing it … which means my skin is getting a dble deform and thus giving me some major headaches

i cant seem to figure out how to get the function to not select cirtain objs in the scene ie(my smoothed skin)

anyone know of a solution … or perhaps incountered the problem b4 ?



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