[Question] Have trouble with excess loops and how to reduce them


Hello, I am an inexperienced modeller and it’s my first time posting. I am modelling the sony a7 and I have excessive edge flows that do serve a purpose in the front side of the model but not in the back of the model. The model will make use of subdivision, more specifically NURBS. I am using Cinema4D. Should I retain them and squeeze them in the back of the model or try to reduce them? I have attached a few photos, it’s a heavy wip and I am trying to tidy the polygons. Thank you


I would detach the part on the front and make it a separate mesh. That would allow you to eliminate a ton of unnecessary edge loops. I always try to build models in logical pieces. If it doesn’t absolutely have to be attached, I make it a separate mesh. This is especially true if the parts will be different material types. There’s no need to have a metal part attached to a plastic part. They wouldn’t be attached in the real world, so why attach them in the CG world?