Question: Combining Polys


I have 2 polygon objects and i want to attach them to each other but i can’t figure out how. I guess this is so basic there are no tutorials (that i can find) on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



frist combine the objects… polygon> combine,
then merge verticies or eges, I prefer verticies.


Hi, …
after u combined the 2 objects (as shown above), there could appear hard edges, … if u want to smooth em just select the sew edges and select --> Edit Polygons --> Normals -->Soften/Harden
and choose All Soft (180) ! that should work out good =)



Awesome! thanks guys for helping me out. i feel like such a n00b. haha.


I was just browsing this forum and found this post… You just solved something for me which I was franticaly trying to repair in my model for the last 2 days!


How would you do the same thing with NURBS? Thanks!


Make sure you have the same amount of spans in both surfaces and you are connecting only two U or two V isoparms just to minimise any errors that may or may not occur. Goto Edit Nurbs->Attach Surfaces. There are 3 types of connecting, try them out for the results you need.
You can if you wish select two border isoparms and then attach Surfaces to make sure those isoparms will be connected (sometimes goes wrong).


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