>>Question about which is more important?


I have a question. Many would call this a gripe, but I need to know, why is it that if you can model something that sort of looks like what youre trying to make, but you can render it beautifully, that you get your ass kissed but if its the other way aroun,d and you create a highly detailed, true to life model that lacks textural accuracy, you get nothing? That’s my question/gripe, someone please shed some light on this subject because its been bothering for a reallllly long time. thanx



I dont see it that way, sorry. Infact, I’d say its the direct opposite


Dont get me wrong, I think it takes a certain level of intelligence to do both. But a poor model w/ nice textures seems to get more attention and I dont see why a superb model and decent textures wouldnt get just as much. Obviously it would be ideal to posess both skills, but you cant deny that the two different aspects require differnt types of thinking. Some just arent capable of both, or it will take more time to learn the other.

Im going to guess that you are either both, good at modeling and texturing…or just texturing. Dont mind my assumptions though.


Well first of all, are you talking about in general or here on CGTalk?

If you show a studio your work and the modeling is sub-par but the texturing is good, they will notice that you are a texture artist. Modelers and Texturers get equal attention as far as Ive seen.

If you’re referring to here on CGTalk, I rarely see people praising models which are poorly made. Infact, there are a few great models posted here that have no textures which are praised.

I guess Im kind of confused as to what youre talking about specifically.

As for me, I know how to model and I know how to texture. I wouldnt go so far to call myself good, but Im decent. You can run a search on my username if you’d like to see some of my work.


Well, my question in mainly based off of my own experiences…kind of on here because some of my posts rarely get commented on and I feel that I at least deserve a comment for my model ya know? Its mostly on DeviantArt, this one person in particular gets upwards of 30 comments per post. His textures are great, but his models look like a 3rd grade clay project. I would pose this question there, but I dont go on the forumns there much.

Sorry if I came off rude, but its frusterating to see ppl like that guy get praised left and right and I get nothing. I know my texutres arent the greatest, but theyre not that horrible, are they?


Dont feel bad. Deviantart is a community of circle jerking, believe me.

There isnt much circle jerking here on CGTalk luckily. As for you getting replies to your threads, join the club. Everyone goes through that here. Just keep updating your work, add more, people will notice youre serious and start replying to you.

Getting replies is like advertising. If you dont have the proper presentation, people will skip over you. By that I mean maybe its how you word your post or thread title. All these play factors


Hmm, Ill take that into concideration. Thanx for the advice!


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