Question about the all important polygon count during SolidWorks to 3ds Max conversion


This is the scene that I am bringing to 3D:

For mechanical devices in my project, I have started with models originally created in SolidWorks:

Mechanical Devices at the SolidWorks site

Later, I embark in followup projects to bring those models to videos and that is when the trouble begins.

Video from the Humor Department

Notice the USPS Street Collection Mailbox:

After import, each one of those screws/rivets are made of more than 3,000 polys.

So far, I have used extensively the “Import from SolidWorks” 3ds Max command, which is much improved in version 2020. However, I have decided that such path is futile. If you need precision and an acceptable polygon count, the model must be redesigned in 3ds Max from scratch.

Question: I have two options, when I ask the designer to do the front door:

(1) The way it comes from SolidWorks, suitable for fabrication. A thin sheet of metal is stamped and the resultant part is of constant thickness.

(2) The Hollywood way, only the visible parts count.

The internal face of the front door would be flat.

Which would be better approach? Would I be seeing a substantial difference in polygon count?


-Ramon F Herrera
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Delete the interior polygons if you aren’t going to see them

And yeah, in a lot of cases you’d need to remodel things in 3ds Max if you want to lower the polygon count. There are some settings for converting it to mesh where you can choose a quality level, but often times the mesh will have problems.