Question about Scaling/Rotating in subobject mode


Does anyone know how can I change the origin point of scale/rotate while modeling in subobject mode? By default it’s always in the center of the selection. Here’s what I want to do:


That would be the Working Pivot. It allows you to set the pivot point to wherever you want it to be.


Thanks, it kinda does the trick but it’s really clumsy and almost unusable in the majority of situations.
When I go and modify the working pivot I can’t see my subobject selection anymore. :curious: Seeing my subobj. selection is a must when choosing the place of the working pivot. I was hoping for something like Modo’s pivots but it seems like I want too much. :rolleyes:


What about something simple like this:

macroScript VertexPosToWP
	v = polyOp.getVertSelection $ as array
	m = matrix3 1
	m.pos = polyop.getVert $ v[1]
	WorkingPivot.setTM m
	WorkingPivot.UseMode = true

Workflow will be:

  • Make the vertex selection
  • Copy it with Graphite Modeling tools
  • Select a single vertex
  • Use the script to convert it to Working Pivot
  • Paste the original vertex selection

Hope it helps a bit :slight_smile:


No need to mess about with working pivots. You can rotate around snap points.

Turn on vertex snap. Change the action centre drop down to Centre Selection (for unknown reasons it only works in centre). Make sure you’re in View space (the default) or world space (it doesn’t work in local space). Lock the selection (spacebar) make sure you’re in the correct axis (f5-f8), or it’ll use the most recent axis you touched on the gizmo. Move the cursor over the point you want to rotate around until you see the snap cursor. Drag.

It sounds complicated, but you only need to set it up once and then you can rotate (and scale) around any snap point.

You might optionally want to disable the gizmo as it can get in the way and you’ll get the wrong axis. That’s the X key.

Sorry, you specified scale, but I assumed rotate. It works with both.


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