Question about Pixar Animation Internship Recruitment Application



I’m attempting to apply for the Pixar Animation Internship, but their Submission Release Terms and Conditions are a bit confusing. Specifically the Portion that states.
" You represent and warrant that your Portfolio Submissions are original to you and do not violate the rights of any other party. You acknowledge that Pixar may be developing materials that are similar or identical to your Portfolio Submissions and that Pixar will have no obligation of any kind to you concerning those materials if Pixar has created, developed or acquired them independently without reference to your Portfolio Submissions. "

I know this should sound pretty straight forward. But as a recent graduate (I graduated May last year) My Demo Reels consists of the final short we worked on for our degree, of which I was part of a team of about 6. I wasn’t the Creative Director for the short (who came up with and pitched the idea for the short) , but I did help with the script as well as storyboarding, and being lead animator for the short. Also we were mentored by Viacom. We were allowed to put our demoreels, which pretty much was our best work from the short, in our portfolio sites though.

I don’t remember signing anything for this program. In fact the only thing we did sign was at the beginning as each one of us in our class had the chance to pitch our idea to go into production, and the contract we had to sign was regarding the person’s individual pitch (for example mine, which was not chosen.)

The other work I did was in my Internship with Univision. I’m saying all this to say since there were so many people involved with the projects, am I not allowed to submit my Demo Reels?

I’m very curious about this so any help that can be given would be very appreciated. Thank you guys in advance.