Question about paint effects?


I’m trying paint effects to create hair for a Character I have created.

My computer is broken! no, I’m not sure why, but when I render out a still my paint effects are just black white and blue dots.

Is there a setting in render globals or is it something that I messed up in the attributes of the brush stroke?

Any suggestion would be appreciated




i am having the same problem

this link helps with the theory:

dowload this shelve for your hair

create the curves ala the 1st link
use the brown hair near the area of the model suppose to have a hair

use the curves for control the stroke (just like the theory! select all curves and them the stroke)

Im still tiguring out how to do realistic hair movement, but i want to use the maya complete so cloth simulations is out of the answer… may be set driven keys on the curves cvs (or blend shapes)

Hope this helps u out!


I can post an example later… when i got off work…


with out seeing an image my 1st guess would be your stamp density in the brush is set to low


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