Question about MB licence transfer


just wondering if the licence for MB 5.5 is transferable? IE: its been installed and registered so is it still possible to sell it? or do you have to go through a world of pain to do so?
anyone had any past experiences that could answer my question?
thanks for you help :slight_smile:


I recall a similiar post, if it’s been registered and a key has been issued, no!


after a looking on their knowledge base i found this:

    4.1 To a Third Party. Subject to prior written
    authorization by Kaydara, you may not transfer any of your
    rights under this EULA to any third party. In the event of an
    authorized transfer, you agree to the following:
    (a) to transfer all of your rights under this EULA to that
    third party;
    (b) to transfer every copy of the Product and its
    component parts (such as the media and printed materials,
    any upgrades, this EULA, and the unlocking code or
    © to include all prior versions of the Product, if the
    Limited Warranty is void if failure of the Product has
    resulted from accident, abuse, or misapplication. Any
    replacement Product will be warranted for the remainder of
    the original warranty period or thirty (30) days, whichever
    is longer. Outside the United States and Canada, neither
    these remedies nor any product support services offered by
    Kaydara are available without proof of purchase from an
    authorized international source.

so it seems that if you write to Kaydara and they authorize the transaction then it is possible…


Yeah, but you need to rush, cause Alias do not accept any license transfers and as you know, they bought Kaydara …


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