Question about learning the figure...


Hi, over this summer I plan to learn the figure as best I can.

I know like going to the beach or train stations are good places to observe people standing still. But figures in general are still in short supply unless I hire model. So in the interim of these studies from life, would it be ok to draw from photos? I am just starting out, I know optimally from life is best, but would drawing from photos do more harm than good? or would they do just a little to help me? or is just as good as the real thing?

And also does anyone have any ideas about finding human figures to sketch?

thank you, and I look foward to learning from this forum in the upcoming months



Welcome to the Anatomy Forum. :slight_smile:

Frankly, you may hear differing opinions here as to whether or not you should draw / paint from photos, but I’m personally for it, and think that working from Reference is far and away better than not working at all. :slight_smile:

We happen to have a great ongoing Workshop series in which anyone may join / leave at any time:

Here is a list of all Open Figure Drawing Workshops.

OFDWs run every 2 weeks when we are working from photographic reference of a model, and every 4 weeks when we are working from Master Painting Reference, as we are currently in the latest OFDW:

Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Rembrandt Master Copy - with Rebeccak 016

You are welcome to join in! We are currently nearing the end of the 2nd week of a 4 week workshop ~ meaning there are 2 weeks left to go, plenty of time to participate. :slight_smile:

You should also check out the great work that has been produced in previous OFDWs here in the SPOTLIGHT Forum:

Links to all Open Figure Drawing Workshop SPOTLIGHT threads

In past OFDWs, we have used reference from the really great sites: > go to Photosets

Additional Anatomical Reference can be found linked here:

Reference for Anatomical and Figurative Art

Looking forward to your participation here on the Anatomy Forum! :slight_smile:




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