Question about height map and displacement maps


Hi everyone, I had a question about height maps and displacement maps in substance designer. I am rendering in Vray in Maya and wanted to get a displacement map out of substance to use in Vray. Basically I am wondering what is the best way to achieve this? I tried using the height map (generated from a normal to height node) as my displacement map and I got decent results. However, I’m not sure if this is the proper way to do it? Are height maps interchangeable with displacement maps?

Also, I noticed when I applied my height map into my displacement, the mesh did not push down and only pushed up. Is there a way for it to go both directions? I read that a bitmap must be 32 bit in order to push both directions but when I exported with the RGBA 32b format, I had no luck.

I also had one more question, this one regarding the material definitions. After rendering in Vray, my result was nearly identical to the material definition for physically_metallic_roughness. However, I thought that since Vray used spec/gloss workflow that my result should be more similar to physically_specular_gloss? Just wondering the reasoning behind this and how I should typically approach choosing a material definition in the 3d viewer?


I’m also interested in this point - why are there no displacement map options in Substance Painter / Designer etc?


What version of Substance Painter are you guys using? I can see the displacement channel in 2018.1.1