Question about FLASH ANIMATION PROD. PIPELINE:(Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends )


I was reading recently that one of the best animated series in recent memory:

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

is produced completly in Flash with a relatively small team and a quick turnaround.

I was wondering about the kind of pipeline needed to to produce a show like that.

And how do they produce quality results so quickly.

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I too am interested in this subject, as a lot of recent productions were Flash based (Mucha Lucha).


I always wondered what app they used. Awesome tv show, some very good techniques got used. Thanks for the info, Roberto!


there’s a book called Hollywood 2D Digital Animation that goes into details about this.

Also if you check out
there’s a guy who actually does the animation for Fosters
Maybe he’ll add more info.


Finally! a question I might help with!!

In a production like that it’s pretty much just like any other tv production… now, Foster’s has relatively the same budget as any paper animated show, much unlike the rest of Flash
shows… which generally have a third of the budget.

That’s pretty much why producers like Flash Productions, because they’re cheap compared to the paper shows. And Flash shows can have the total control of in-house production, where paper animated shows ususally get keyed out in North Amercia, and sent to korea (pretty much common knowledge…)

(these figures are just thrown in there; I don’t know how much Foster’s has, but from what I hear, it’s one of the few Flash productions out there that has a large budget compared to regualr Flash budgets… hence the high quality production)

Foster’s probably has alot less of a ‘per animator’ quota of animation because of the allowable budget flexibility while in the productions I’ve worked on were higher. In my case, we had 30 seconds each a week for one show, and 37 seconds a weeks for another. Now you can imagine that that’s not much time for complex scenes.

I know I’m talking money alot, but money can make time. And time can make good work happen :smiley: And it’s either that or they have a reduculously talented and fast team of ninja animators :smiley:

I’m guessing Foster’s has a small quota which allows the artists to really polish the work… man I love foster’s!! And I hope some of the artists post on here!!

Foster’s rules :smiley:


Foster’s is awesome. The style is superb. The writing is AMAZING. I love the charactes which are truly defined so well. Love them all!!

What is funny is when I first saw this show in the previews before it came out, I was like…What is this crap? That looks totally stupid but then I had to take my words back. This show is a genious show. I hope they make a movie someday, lol.

In fact gonna go watch it now. Love it love it.


Ok after some digging I found the flash animation test for Busters

And I found a quote from the creator : Craig McCracken

“I’ve given up a lot of drawing, but I brought more animation back to the cartoon,” McCracken says. “And now part of the humor of the show comes from how stuff is moving – which in a typical overseas production you would normally never even dream about. Just how a character walks can evoke so much personality, and nine times out of 10 in a hand-drawn overseas production you never know if they’re going to be walking the same way one show to the next.”


the BBC’s “monkey dust” uses flash for 90% its production


FHFIF is one of my favorite shows. the style, the writing, the jokes are far better then most of the shows on Cartoon Network. just the plane fact they are “imaginary friends” makes the show so cool and gives us all something we can relate with [me and my imaginary friend Super Joe Hippo watch it together all the time].

also, they have thrown some funny jokes in there that kids wouldn’t get. like “frankie says to relax” and when they were in the bowling alley, the guys from The Big Lebowski were in the background.


y’all ain’t seen flash until u’ve seen…


That has got to be the most stylish and soulfull Flash animation I have ever seen. I’m horribly impressed at how it stayed so beautiful whilst being so great. Cheers, definedly. This is one for the bookmark section with ‘great stuff’.


Quite possibly the best animated show on television at the moment:


That was brilliant!


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