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It seems that “Essential Lightwave” by Timothy Albee is out and I was wondering if anyone had it and what they thought of it?



Are you sure it’s out? Amazon says it hasn’t been released yet.


Mine came in the mail last week.
It is quite excellent!


I have it - overall it’s not bad.

I like the modeling tuts, but they don’t start until 1/2 through. Until that point he covers “essential lightwave” - keyframes for animation, how to make a polygon, how to color a polygon, how to render a polygon - stuff like that.

So it really covers Lightwave from an absolute beginner’s standpoint - then eventually covers some more intermediate-level animation, effects and modeling.

there ya go.


Let me just clarify that when I say that I think it is excellent, it is because I am still somewhat of a Newbie. This book shed a lot of light on some things for me, but it was a bit basic even to me in some areas.
These things that were basic even to me is only because I am not a full blown newbie anymore so am starting to learn some things already.
However, I fell that for the completely new to LW Newbie, this is the best book.


I also have it… It’s pretty much a beginner’s starter guide. It’s a great book for absolute beginners - those not too familiar with LW. However, if you’re looking for more advanced stuff, this book probably isn’t for you. The tuts in this book are very basic.

I was a little disappointed to find out that the book doesn’t cover a tutorial on how to make the Cheetah on the front cover. :thumbsdow

I would recommend you get Inside Lightwave 7 as well.


Don’t have it, but read the first part online. it seemed to me better of inside Lightwave 6 ( italian translation).
i think that the more books are there on the argument the best is, and i hope the Albee series will go ahead and continue with a intermediate book.

so, take both inside 7 and Albee’s book.

at last, i think that its difficult that a book cover all the Lw related arguments and i agree with Splinegod when he says that movies or DVD or his quicktime courses give the best amount of information possible, for a quick and powerful learning.:thumbsup:


Does anyone know when Amazon will be getting the Book or why they havent already?



Originally posted by peanuckle
Does anyone know when Amazon will be getting the Book or why they havent already?

I’m waiting, too :confused:
Ordered at :surprised


#10 has some weird dates about this book:

Release date: Oct 1st, 2003
Shipping date: March 9 to 12 (no year)



I had pre-ordered this months and months ago. After receiving it and glossing through it, I’ve come to the conclusion that its not really something I need. If anyone out there wants it as soon as possible, I’ll sell my copy. Drop an e-mail to artoo_99(nospam) Or IM me at R2Dork.



I am working through Inside Lightwave 7 (starting the head in Ch 10) and have Lightwave Applied to read after that… I guess from this thread that I would not need ‘Essential’…


i’d start to make any intermediate tut i can find on the web, then…:buttrock:
or buy some great dvd like that of Todd Grimes or Splinegod courses, or other excellent things like that.


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