Question about creating 2D Eyes for Games Models (Layered Textures?)


I’m working on a character model at the moment and I’m trying to make 2D eyes - I did this on a previous model, but the method used wasn’t the cleanest and in the end it made posing the eyes a bit of a nightmare:

What I’d like to achieve is something similar to the Hat Kid model from A Hat In Time - have the eyes slightly in front of the face, with the pupils and eye shape both adjustable separately. I managed to do something similar to this using layered textures in Maya - using the transparency from one image file to set the shape and the colour from another to make the colours of the eye and pupil - the issue being that I couldn’t work out an effective way to pose it properly.

Would it be possible to have, say, a layered texture where each layer was influenced by a different UV, i.e. i have the texture for the eye/pupil colour on one UV and a sprite sheet for the eye’s transparency on another, or is there a better way I could be doing this? Any help is appreciated, thanks!


(Hat Kid, from A Hat In Time, for reference)