Hi everyone,

I like that everyone is coming together and enjoying the competition. If we come to a snag and have any questions that might need to be answered but not sure where to post them. Please feel free to post all your questions here. I will do my best to keep up with what ever questions that might come up.

Soon I will try to come up with list of commonly asked questions and post them here that way they can be referenced at anytime.

See you all in the Main Challenge Thread!!!


Hey Splinter!

I’m looking forward to getting involved in this month’s challenge.

Just wanted to check if we could/should be using soundfx in the challenges, or should we do it with strictly no audio whatsoever?



I think in order to keep things on an even playing ground we should leave the sound FX out. That is a really good question. Thanks for bringing it up.

However if we do want to animate to sound we can try to start bringing in audio clips for everyone to animate to. I was trying to do this in the beginning but I didn’t think that it was getting enough playtime, but if there are enough request for this we can put the audio back in with the non-audio clips and have the two options to choose from.


I think audio clips would be great, but I have never done an animation to an audio clip so that would be a great test for me to try and animated to.

I like the idea of it.


We can have an acting session next month !



me too using audio clip… it will be more interesting to see the action…


Just so that we are all still in understanding:

This Month will have no audio involved

Next month we will have one audio clip that everyone can choose to do, there will also be a Non-Audio topic for anyone who isn’t comfortable with lip sync yet.

At the end of next month there will be two winners elected for the “WINNERS” Circle, one for each category.



can we use as background music??? is that allowed…


Background music couldn’t hurt. So if you would like to ad some background music that would be fine.

Everyone: There is an offer for us to join in a challenge with other members of cgsociety. The topic is on Animating a flying sequence in which we will animate and “FXWars” will do the rendering. I think that this can be a really fun challenge for everyone to be involved in. I know we have been throwing around the idea of taking an audio clip and animating to that, but I think that this could end up being what we do next month. We could do this “Multi-Thread” challenge and watch it evolve after we have a crack at it. What is everyone elses opinion. Do we take the offer and join the Modeling, FX, and other mini-challengers and take on this combined effort? Would everyone else be interested in participating?

If it looks like everyone else is on board I will let RobertOrtiz know that we are in, so please let me know if anyone would like to be apart of the challenge soon.

Thank you,



Is the flying sequence a bird, a person like iron man or like a plane of some sort?

It sounds like fun. I am in for it.
It would be great to get all of these people here together to brain storm and come up with something great.

So I am all in for it. Again I am not sure how much time I will be able to give to it for month of Aug. If thats when we do it. Aug. is a pretty busy month for me.


Here is what I know about the challenge.

I really think that this could be a lot of fun for everyone involved.


its interesting… we can get into…



That sound great. I love old time film/animation.
I am so in for this. So will the other guys
make the characters and rig them as well?


I think they will be set up for us to use. I will have to ask Roberto to make sure. I will try and find out as much as I can about how all of this is going to work and I will post back here real soon.


Hi guys Rob here,
I wanted to thank John for being open to this crazy idea.

If this experiment works, we might try more ambitious ideas in the future.

Ok let me see if can answer some questions:

What kind of animation will be needed?
Well that depends.
two factors are in play: the kind of models people do
(Airships, Airmen)
and the kind of animation needs the FXWARS challenge participants will need.

Will there be rigs?

As one of the rules for the modelign challenge is that Ill ask the modellers if they
would be interested in RIGGING their models…

So this means you might get models without rigs.

Anyway, Ill post specifics afer I launch the modeling contest.



Hi splinter,
I am new to this animation challenge forum. I like to join in this month animation challenge. I try to post my WIP stuff.


i liked this fx wars idea, i would like o participate

im up to use a non rigged char too

there is any deadline set?



I’d love to participate in the airmen/rocketeer challenge. I am comfortable rigging so just mesh models is fine by me.

Please let me know more about this as it develops!


Hey John,

First at all, you are making a great job with this section :smiley:

I have some ideas and comments that can be helpful ( I hope :D):

Think you can open two WIP threads for non audio and audio competitions. Something like this:

ASF_non_audio_AGUST09_WIP (or ASF_acting_)

In this threads , like now, are the rules and the participants submit in there the WIP of their animations.

In the last week of the challenge you can open 2 threads more for final animations only:


In this threads only final works, and no comments. The participants can update their animations until dead line. Think that is more esay to review the animation in this way. When deadline arrives, you close the threads, and open the two voting threads.

The winner circle is a cool idea, and you can make a sticky thread with the winners of every month and their animations.

Maybe you can talk with Roberto Ortiz to promote the winners of the monthly competition on the top banner of CG forum (like the “sketch of the week”), think that can be a nice prize for the winners and a good promotion for the Animation sessions :smiley:

My suggestion is that can be only audio challenges: One month a dialog, and other audio FX(In this form, you push the imagination of the animators to create something around of some sort of sounds or music)

Again, you are making a great job in this section and if I can help you, let me know :slight_smile: Cheers!! :beer:



Ferx - Thank you for the advice. I really like the ideas that you have given me and I think that I will use them. I will definitely use the idea to seperate different threads. I have realized in the challenge for July it had become a little tedious to find everything needed in the ended. I will try to make the changes really soon.

Thank you again for your ideas!!!