Queen Of The Rocketmen: Winner!


Congrats to the winners.


Congratulations to all. Great work here!



Congratulations winners. Very deserving bunch.


Congrats guys! hehe job well done


Great job everybody. Now I’m curious to see how many crossovers we have to FXWars.


Thanks to everyone for support. Thanks to all those who voted. and Congratulations to everyone… it was a great experience. looking forward to next challenge.


Congrats to the winners! I’m looking forward to the FXWars portion!


Really was some inspirational work folks. And sorry, please tell me if I shouldn’t post this here, but how does this crossover into the FXWars? Also, does the next HMC start right away…because I’d love to participate in the next one.



Congrads to everyone, the best model vote was close. For my first entry to a challenge here I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and was inspired by all the entries.


Good show everyone, can’t wait to see what FX wars has in store for us!


Best vehicle pic seems to be missing.


Congratz to everyone! I only wish I could make models as good as Sanket… with time and practice perhaps. Was a lot of fun! :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the winners!



congrat to all!!!



Thanks daw! It was great working with you on this! Too bad my render is missing from the winners post :wink:


Man I forgot to post your entry!
I am so sorry…
I have fixed the error.

My bad.



Hey sanket congratulation man…I want work with u as a freelance artist…Paji tusi chagaeeeeeeeeeee…Party :beer:


For the concept art, Masamune Shirow was the artist.
I’d hate for him not to get recognized for his work. Creator of the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ series.


Congratulations Sanketh!! :applause::buttrock:


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