Queen Of The Eternity, Kuang Hong (2D)


Title: Queen Of The Eternity
Name: Kuang Hong
Country: China
Software: Painter

I’d been trying to post a new image of mine but it keeps getting rejected reason for having not enough descriptions? bleh

the majors gone
the minors made
two extraneous
she made it stay.

read harder you should be able to understand the poem :stuck_out_tongue: the subject in written actually refers to tarot and poker cards. major deck gone minor cards stay (our familiar poker deck) and 2 jokers come around. the subject in picture is the one who made mark and make the rules and changes. oh poker cards can be used for fortune telling.
and that’s my little passing of tarots to poker.
was testing new brushes and styles of painting cloths for this one, done in painter6. comments and crits welcomed, hope the little poem wasn’t too distracting.


WOWWOW~I so love this pic~very very nice colour~especially I love the girl dress’s paintinggood jobbbb****4starssss~~~:bounce: :bounce:


:thumbsup: great detail



Excellent work, Avante-garde color theme, just striking!

Couldn’t understand the poem, but I guess that’s better :wink: well done, 5 stars


It’s so lovely…
Cloth looks amazing and very real.
And hair, and background… all is great here.
But cloth… cloth is unforgettable…
5 stars :slight_smile: I’d like to give 10


Great work, she es fantastic!


Hey these are excellent details and colour contrasts, absolutely love it. Only thing that I find alcking is that there’s a distinct ambiguity as to what the light is doing. Makes it apear a bit flat, like no the dress for instance, overall reflection remains constant except for the smaller curvatures.
Just saying so you know :)… I really love it.


holy shit, thats excellent piece of artwork.
love the colors, love the character
it blew me away :slight_smile:


wow! This is fantastic. I love the colours and the painting style, nice work! :slight_smile:


as every one says… WoW… the red and yellow colors looks GREAT…

I wanna be her slave…:twisted:


Great work! Very beautiful! 支持!!


great design , great color , great background , and great all
4 star for me


hey, noah, 衣服质感很棒~


really very good~~~~I can’t say any words!:thumbsup:


there u go 5stars~!


Great job! I love it:thumbsup:



great job…especially the dress and the lighting


Hey Noah, as always you impress :thumbsup: Ever since I saw ‘sinner’ I was hooked to your work. It amazes me that you’re still doing all this amazing work with painter 6, but hey, I’ve had painter classic before upgrading to painter 9, and it’s still one of the best painting apps for me. Painter 9 is real awesome though, and I’d love to see your work if you upgrade to 9… any chance of that happening? :slight_smile: On the other hand, you’re such a good artist that it probably won’t better your work, maybe just make ya produce quicker. Annyhoo, you get a well deserved 5 stars from me


compatriot!!!(all chinese)~Please speak english at this forum(beacuse this is a international forum )~in this way,other people may better descry your posterdespite english isn’t very niceBut ,we are keep it up together~~~~:bounce: :bounce:

aaaThankkkkksssssss~~:) :slight_smile: