Quasi Modo, Kristoffer Hormander (3D)


Title: Quasi Modo
Name: Kristoffer Hormander
Country: Guatemala
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Was inspired by quasi modo of the hunchback of notre dame story, started the base mesh in 3ds max, then took it into zbrush fr detailing, rendered from there with a basic skin material, and brought into photoshop to detail with more color and texture, then rendered hair with 3ds max, and compisited it into the image in photoshop, same with the near bacakground, done in max, and rendered with vray, the city was paited over a photo reference


Looks good. Nice work!


You didn t get the feeeling right. If you wouldn t specify in the title i wouldn t even tell who is it about.


Nice topic.

Big, BIG mistake though, the Eiffel Tower did not exist until a few hundred years later.
Also the moon is a bit too big.
The picture is lacking some contrast.

The guy looks quite good though. Nice modeling :thumbsup:


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