Quake2Evolved Enforcer Model


Hello there wanted to post for a long time now but didnt think it was worth really posting up until now, Anyways been modeling this for quite sometime now, And if some of you havent heard of the www.quake2evolved.com project I suggest you have a look. As these guys have added in Per pixel lighting within the Quake 2 engine and other cool features.

Anyways this is the first model I have made for them and decided to show you guys what has been going on over there. Just so you know if it wasnt for the people here at CGtalk and Q2E posting help guides and tuts, and suggestions, I would never of become this far with this model.
Anyways here is the direct link to the wip forum for the enforcer as you can see from the very first attempt I have come along way, http://www.quake2evolved.com/blurforum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=67&perpage=15&pagenumber=41

Also merry Xmas and wish all of you the best for new years!



Heres some pictures for you people not replying to this thread and just want to see what it looks like. instead of having to be a member just to see a pic.


The detail work is very nice but your basic forms and shapes are strange and unnattractive I think. The basic arm and torso shapes especially seem clunky and nooby. the details are looking great so far though!


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