Quake 3 skin - Swamptank Jr.


Hello, I’m well aware that Quake 3 is nearly five years old. I found this unfinished skin in my directory and decided to finish it a couple years later; so here it is. C&C always welcome, and please let me know if anything needs fixing.

Here is the Quake 3 zip file, if you actually still play Quake 3 - i know a lot of ppl have moved on by now but anyhow.



A well laid out and structured skin job on the Tankjr model. The colours quite suit him in this competently organised texture.


This is really cool, I did have a crit but I’ve lost it so it can’t have been too bad. Good work :thumbsup:


Hey thank you for the replies and comments. It was mentioned on another forum that I could add some color variation in the darks - which is a very good critique.

Wellp, Doom 3 is here!! gaming is getting so advanced so quickly!!


I still play quake. heh.
it’s good skin for opponent models, becus its bright :stuck_out_tongue: u can see it clearly at long distances :wink:


Looks really good, one thing though, I think the blade arm should look more like a blade…arm.


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